Israel shuts down Palestinian rights group, raiding charity in Bethlehem

Tehran, December 30, The Iran Project – In attempts to maintain illegal control over the Palestinian occupied territories, Israeli forces raided two Palestinian humanitarian organizations in Bethlehem and Nablus on Tuesday, confiscating and damaging property during separate storms.

The Palestinian resources reported that Israeli troops raided the Bethlehem headquarter of a Palestinian committee for charitable work which run by Palestinian Authority as well as the prisoners’ rights group office in Nablus on Tuesday.

The offices were reportedly confiscated and destroyed by the forces that also broke down the doors and cut open two safes.

Bethlehem headquarter is sponsor of around 1200 orphans from the city’s villages, towns and camps. The Palestinian Minister of Endowment slammed the inhuman measures by Israel, saying that the confiscation of files will negatively affect the charity services to children.

Meanwhile, in East al-Quds, 24 Palestinians were shot injured by Israeli rubber bullets while 19 others were severely injured by tear gas inhalation. According to the locals, clashes broke out in the area on Tuesday when hundreds of Palestinians held a funeral for a Palestinian killed by Israeli troops. Some 15 Palestinians also were detained by Israeli raids in the West Bank on the same day.

Three Palestinians also were shot injured by Israeli forces in the clashes in a village in East al-Quds. Witnesses have told that clashes broke out when Israeli forces opened fire at Palestinian protesters injuring three of them.

Israeli forces also once again stormed the Qalandiya refugee camp in East al-Quds, detaining two residents on Tuesday. According to the Palestinian resources, Palestinian youths threw stones and empty bottles at Israeli soldiers who fired gun shot and rubber bullets.