US move to seize Iran properties void of legal validity: FM spokesman

Tehran, Dec 25, IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaber-Ansari said a recent attempt by the US Supreme Court to confiscate Iran’s properties is the latest step in a case raised in 2007 against Iran which is contrary to international law principles and lacks any legal validity.

‘For years, the US judiciary supported by government and congress has been issuing and enforcing illegal verdicts against the Islamic Republic of Iran by violating basic principles of international law and resorting to fictitious and unfounded allegations,’ he replied to questions raised by the mass media.
Commenting on the US move to seize a section of Central Bank of Iran’s possessions, he added, ‘Some courts in the US are ridiculing the justice and law and in recent years have sentenced Iran to pay compensation to the victims of incidents which were carried out by terrorist acts of recognized nationals of US allies.’
Saying that the verdicts of such courts are void of any legal validity, he added, ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran announces explicitly that these rulings which are not based on legal and international principles will not create any right for US citizens and that by stealing the properties of the Islamic Republic of Iran and of its institutions and nationals, the US government shall bear the responsibility of making for the damage and paying the compensation.’
‘The US government has shown that its belligerent actions against Iran have been continuing regardless of the realities and under the influence of the Zionist circles and that there is no observable sign of an effort to understand the condition and to reduce the deep lack of trust among Iranian government and nation toward US policies.’
‘This move and similar previous moves of the US courts are based on the false claims of supporting terrorism and have no relation with the nuclear issue. However, they do not exempt the United States from its obligations under general provisions of international law and international relations,’ said the spokesman.
‘Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran holds the US government responsible to reimburse all damages inflicted on the Islamic Republic of Iran and its citizens in these cases and will employ all the legal means to restitute the country’s rights,’ he stressed.