Parliament Speaker: Some regional states seeking restoration of former empires

QOM, Dec. 24 (MNA) – Addressing a seminary school in Qom, Iranian Parliament’s Speaker Larijani criticized the policies taken by some regional countries.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of the ISIL in the Middle East has led to a wrong perception of Islam in the world, and surely the Takfiri terrorists have had destructive effects on Islam, said the Speaker of Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Ali Larijani in a seminary centre in the outskirt of the holy city of Qom on Thursday

The law-maker lamented that currently some Westerners are instrumentally taking advantage of terrorists like the ISIL to distort the real image of Islam and spread Islamophobia while the thoughts of terrorists don’t match any strand of Islam whether Shia or Sunni.

All strands of Sunnis denounce the ideology and action of terrorists and only Wahabists are supporting the terrorists and it does not mean Islam is a religion of terror, highlighted the Iranian top MP.

Saying that Wahabi terrorists have had their negative impact on Islam, Larijani shifted the light to the bright side of the story and added that, ‘at least, the acts of terrorists have proven the originality of real Islam in face of deviatory thoughts of Wahabism.’

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been continuously reminding the world of the dangers of the terrorists’ growth in the past years but the Westerners kept silent about it to let it grow in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, underlined Larijani.

He added that now that terrorists have spread over the world and threaten some western countries, those who were earlier supporting terrorists in the ME are saying that fight against terrorism is a matter of importance for the region and the whole world.

In contrast with forming anti-terrorists coalition, still the terrorists are using the most advanced Western-made weaponries like TOW missiles, said Larijani concluding that the Westerners are still supporting the terrorists.

The Iranian Law-maker also criticized some regional countries for undertaking wrong policies and being after an imaginary empire for themselves like the dead empires of the past.

By Mehr News Agency