Families of 15 Mina incident victims want transfer of remains to Iran

Tehran, Dec 2, IRNA – Head of the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization Saeed Ohadi said on Tuesday that families of 15 victims of the September 24 Mina stampede tragedy have called for transfer of the bodies of their beloved ones to the country.
Speaking to IRNA, Ohadi said members of family of three of the victims will also leave for Saudi Arabia this week to speed up the process of identifying their dead dear ones.
Ohadi said based on latest statistics, the number of missing pilgrims has reached 10 and for the time being, seven families have been dispatched to Saudi Arabia to clarify fate of their victims.

The official said 69 of the victims were buried in al-Shohada grave yard in Saudi Arabia. ‘In fact 40 families have consented that the bodies their dear ones remain buried in al-Shohada grave yard. 14 families also have not announced their views yet.’

On legal investigation of the case, Ohadi said based on an approval of the government, the legal investigations into the case has been entrusted to Foreign Ministry and Iran’s Consulate General in Jeddah and the case is seriously followed up.

This year 64,000 Iranian pilgrims headed for Saudi Arabia for Hajj rituals of whom 464 lost their lives in Mina due to incompetency of the Saudi government. More than 8,000 Muslim pilgrims from four corners of the world died in the incident.