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Israel injures 130 Palestinian medics within past two months: PRCS

A wounded Palestinian boy arrives at hospital in Rafah on Sunday. Photograph: Abed Rahim Khatib/NurPhoto/REX

Tehran, December 19, The Iran Project- Israeli regime continues to violate the regulations of International Humanitarian law across the Palestinian occupied territories. Latest report by the Palestinian Red Cross Society (PRCS) suggests that during past two months, the Tel-Aviv regime has disrupted the medical works for the victims of Israeli attacks hundreds of times, while it has injured 130 of the organization’s medical staff.

Based on the latest data provided by the Palestinian Red Cross Society, Israeli forces have injured over 130 Palestinian medics with live rounds, rubber bullets and tear gas in the course of carrying out their duties within past two months.

It also added that nearly half of the society’s ambulances have been damaged by the Israeli security troops, while they have prevented medics to reach the victims in 76 cases.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian resources said that at least 78 people have been shot injured by the Israeli weapons on Friday across the Palestinian occupied territory.

Medical sources announced that a Palestinian man has been hit in chest after Israeli forces opened fire, critically injuring him in north of Ramallah. The 33-year-old Palestinian was reportedly succumbed to his wounds later in the hospital in Ramallah on Friday.

Elsewhere in al-Khalil a Palestinian protester was shot in head with Israeli live bullets.

In Gaza, Israeli forces injured at least 31 people with live bullets and 12 other with rubber bullets, while killed a 20-year-old Palestinian. The witnesses told that the developments came after the clashes broke out near Khan Younis in Gaza.

Eight Palestinians also were detained across the occupied territory on Friday. The Palestinian resources said that during the detention raids to the areas in Nablus, Tulkaram and Ramallah, several homes were also damaged.

As the tensions escalated in the West Bank, Israeli military troops killed a Palestinian in Ramallah, injuring another on Friday. Israeli military spokesperson alleged that forces shot a Palestinian after he attempted to run his car into the soldiers. The victim then was reportedly left to bleed in his vehicle.

Israeli forces killed another Palestinian teen near Nablus on Thursday after they suspected him. Locals said that Israeli forces prevented the medical teams from treating the victim in the scene.

Elsewhere in Gaza and West Bank, four Palestinians were shot injured during the clashes. Witnesses told the Palestinian resources that during the Israeli forces’ raids to a refugee camp in Gaza and a town in Ramallah, four people have been injured by live weapons.

Meanwhile, Hundreds of Palestinian staged a rally on Thursday, demanded Israeli government to immediately returned bodies of the Palestinians killed by Israelis forces. The protesters also condemned the Israeli policy of collective punishment, raised the photo of the people whose bodies have been withheld by Israeli officials. Israel cabinet decided to not return the bodies of those Palestinians it alleged took part in operations against Israel.


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