Iran’s top commander questions objectives of Saudi anti-terrorism coalition

TEHRAN (FNA)- Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi raised doubt about the real goals and intentions behind the so-called anti-terrorism coalition formed by Saudi Arabia, asking the Muslim states to distance themselves from the “fake coalition”.

“The self-centered move by of al-Saud will bear no fruit but disgrace and the Saudi attempt are in vain; they have formed a fake anti-terrorism coalition,” Firouzabadi said on Saturday.

He underlined that those countries which keep mum about their uninformed addition to the coalition will also be blamed for the crimes that are and will be committed by the Saudis.

Firouzabadi addressed leaders of the Islamic and Arab states whose names are seen in the so-called Saudi anti-terrorism coalition, and said, “You had better inform the world and your people of your decision to distance yourself from this fake anti-terrorism coalition to reveal the Saudis’ lies.”

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia announced a new 34-country coalition of Muslim nations to fight terrorism, but two of the key countries have said they had no idea they were involved.

But following the statement, at least two governments announced that they were not aware of their own involvement. Pakistan’s foreign secretary, Aizaz Chaudhry, has been quoted as saying he only learnt of his country’s inclusion in the alliance from news reports.
Lebanon was also equally baffled country following the announcement, according to Lebanese media outlet Naharnet.

The Lebanese foreign ministry was adamant they had no “memo or phone call mentioning this coalition.” They added they had “no knowledge whatsoever of the issue of forming an Islamic anti-terror coalition”.

By Fars News Agency