IAEA report justifies 14 years pressure on Iran: Former negotiator

New York, Dec 18, IRNA – Alleged report by IAEA on Iran’s research on nuclear arms is an effort to justify 14 years of international pressure on Iran, Hossein Mousavian, a former top Iranian diplomat said.

Mousavian made the remarks in a meeting dubbed as ‘Iran project’ in the Atlantic Council on Thursday.
R&D activities on dual-use technologies are very common and usual and are not against any international law, the expert said.
He added that research and development with regard to making atom bomb are not in contradiction with contents of the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty).
‘Even under its present conditions, Germany has a center in which it conducts research and development on construction of the atom bomb and consequences of its use. This center is also known to IAEA. If you asked Germans, they would say scientific studies are authorized and in addition ‘we must study necessary preventive measures to know what to do in case the atom bomb is used against our country’. Therefore, conducting research and development on nuclear weapons is not illegal, because it is done in Germany and IAEA has never opposed it,’ Mousavian added.

He underlined that the issue that is considered as diversion from the viewpoint of the International Atomic Energy Agency is a diversion in the use of nuclear materials in the direction of making the atom bomb, which according to IAEA’s report, the possibility of such a diversion in Iran has been strongly ruled out.

According to the IAEA report, Iran has been bound to its obligations enshrined in the nuclear deal since 2013, the former nuclear negotiator added.

He said that those in US opposed to the nuclear deal are mindless of Iran positive steps and still just follow the goal of ousting Iranian administration.

International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors on Tuesday unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to close Iran’s Possible Military Dimensions (PMD) file.

The file is known as the PMD file and the resolution open the way for Iran and six world powers (UNSC) permanent members plus Germany to honor their commitments in accordance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).