Aromatics detection made easy by new sensor produced by using MOFs

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Tarbiat Modarres University succeeded in the laboratorial production of Metal Organic Framework (MOF) nanostructures that can be used as sensor to detect environmental aromatic pollutants.
Sensors made of this nanostructure have high accuracy and detection rate, and they reduce detection costs.

In this research, metal organic frameworks have been synthesized with nanometric pores to be used as sensor in the detection of environmental pollutants. The detection of small molecules is among the important abilities of MOFs. Therefore, MOFs are very popular in detecting and eliminating the toxic materials such as aromatics.

The proposed nanostructure has a better hydrophilicity than the previous sample, and therefore, it can react with aromatics in a selective manner. The application of this structure in the production of sensors increases the rate and accuracy in the performance of sensor in detecting organic pollutants. Mass production of the sensor is an important step in the removal of aromatic biological pollutants.

The desirable structure of the prototype was synthesized after the design through solothermal method. The crystalline structure of the product was determined by using single crystalline x-ray test. The product was also characterized by using spectrometry methods. In the end, performance of the nanostructure as a sensor to detect aromatics was studied and compared to that of the previous samples.

Results of the research have been published in Crystal Growth and Design, vol. 15, issue 11, 2015 pp. 5543-5547.

By Fars News Agency