Iranian imprisoned woman sacrifices to save cellmate’s life from death penalty

Tehran, December 17, The Iran Project- An imprisoned woman devoted the money, was donated to pay her own debts after six years of imprisonment, to saving her cellmate’s life from the death penalty in a prison in Tehran.

A 34-year-old woman, who had been convicted of murdering her husband in a criminal case about 11 years ago and was expected to hang on Wednesday morning in Tehran’s prison, survived the penalty with her cellmate’s sacrifice.

The victim’s family had earlier pardoned conviction in exchange for 3000,000,000 Rials as blood money (three times more than the standard amount in Iran) which was to be provided in a highly limited time.

Only minutes before execution on Wednesday, convict’s family and aids succeeded to afford large part of the money and the execution was halted in order to give them more time to afford the rest of expense.

Ultimately, this was the convict’s cellmate who donated the needed money, that earlier was fundraised to pay her own debts after six years of imprisonment, and survived her cellmate from death.

Under Islamic law, this is the victim’s family right to either put the convict to death or pardon him.