Iran-Algeria cooperation to allay Muslims’ woes: Jahangiri

Iran’s First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri has warned against the threat of Takfiri Daesh terrorist groups in Muslim countries, calling for collective efforts to assuage Muslims’ woes.

“Today, the Islamic countries are suffering from an ominous phenomenon named Daesh and large-scale disasters are taking place in certain Muslim countries, including Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan,” Jahangiri said in a meeting with Algerian Parliament Speaker Abdul Qadir bin Saleh in Algiers on Wednesday.

Jahangiri said that countries like Iran and Algeria can find solutions to these problems “through cooperation and extensive consultations.”

The Iranian official said that the problems facing the Muslim world are the result of “meddlesome” approaches of foreign powers.

Jahangiri further pointed to the historical, religious and political commonalities between Iran and Algeria, expressing the Islamic Republic’s readiness to expand bilateral cooperation between the two Muslim countries.

The Algerian official, for his part, said that the enemies are making efforts to destabilize the region and that terrorist groups like Daesh and al-Qaeda pose threat to the countries’ security.

He said that his country is ready to further increase its cooperation and consultation with the Islamic Republic in foiling the enemies’ plots.

By Press TV

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