Iran’s scientific diplomacy shows growth: Minister of Science

Tehran, December 15, The Iran Project- Iran’s ministry of science says country’s scientific diplomacy shows 3% growth which is expected to increase in post deal era.

Speaking in the 17th Kharazmi Young Festival, Mohammad Farhadi, Iran’s Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology noted the national week of Research and Technology, demanding authorities’ further notice to the issue of research and technological products.

Referring the issue of entrepreneurial university and the UNESCO definition of this concept, Farhadi said that Iran has experienced 3% growth in the area of scientific diplomacy which is expected to increase in post deal era.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he mentioned the establishment of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund aiming to support research and knowledge-based productions, adding that the fund’s next year budget will hit $ 200 million.

Underlining the existing 4000 knowledge-based firms in Iran, Farhadi stated that in past two years the Iranian knowledge-based firms have hit $80 billion turnover.

Kharazmi Young Festival is an annual ceremony aiming to introduce the prominent Iranian young researchers and their outstanding achievements.