Iran welcome in world energy markets: CigMan founder

TEHRAN, Dec. 15 (Shana) – Co-founder and managing partner of CigMan Solutions, a Danish legal consultation company, says years of isolation for Iran in global energy markets are over and the country must prepare itself for hosting international companies which will flock into the country in the post-sanctions setting.

Soheil Mansouri told Shana, on the sidelines of the 12th Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF2015), that years of isolation for Iran are over and Tehran will see hoards of foreign companies in its business sectors.

Mansouri said prior to the sanctions, many Iranian companies were isolated by their foreign counterparts not because of the sanctions but because of the terms of the contracts they would sign with foreign partners.

“Danish companies are eagerly waiting to return to the Iranian market but there are still hesitations for their return as the sanctions are yet to be fully lifted,” he said.
He said Iran enjoys vast potentialities in its energy sector which are attractive to potential investors.

CigMan Solutions is a company founded by experienced process engineers and an internationally recognized lawyer. We strive to provide efficient and tailor-made solutions in the chemical, biochemical and petrochemical industry through a combination of technical, legal and business related skills.
Iran has 67 half-finished petrochemical projects up for grabs with 20 to 90% physical progress which are planned to come on-stream based on a schedule.

Some 97 foreign companies from 25 countries participated in IPF 2015 which closed on Monday. The forum shows an increase of 120 percent compared to IPF 2014.
More than 15,00 representatives from domestic and foreign firms including Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherland, Russia, and US partook in the event.

Participants in the IPF2015, one of the world’s most prestigious events representing the petrochemical industry, discussed the core issues that the industry is facing with the emphasis given to Iran.