Donald Trump

The danger hiding in backstage of Trump’s theatrics

Alwaght- When US presidential hopeful and billionaire businessman Donald Trump shocked the world with his bigotry and called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, an outpour of condemnation showered the Republican candidate who is known for his theatrical speeches and the ability to act in a fake-reality show. 

While Trump’s racist rhetoric is being played out on stage, before a critical audience, it is in the backstage of his show where his ideas are hiding, donning their outfits, and preparing to join the act.

On the same day of Trumps’ discriminatory demands, Candice Miller, a US Congresswoman, introduced a bill, the Visa Waiver Program Improvement Act of 2015 threatening in a bid to demote US citizens of Arab, Iranian, and Muslims origins to second-class citizens.

If passed, the bill “will effectively create two classes of Americans – Americans with Middle Eastern or Muslim background, and Americans without that background.”

It turns out that Trump’s foolish prejudice may be more representative of US sentiments than some had thought. The House of Representatives has passed the bill with an overwhelming vote of 407-19.

The twofold standards are grotesquely obvious. The lights of suspicion are usually directly shed on Americans of Muslim descent should they choose to visit their country of origin. They are immediately suspected of plotting a “terrorist” attack or collaborating with US enemies. On the other end of the balance, is an overweight mass of terrorism that wears the face of the Israeli regime. Israeli-US citizens, comparably, are allowed to go back and forth to an ever-occupying regime to rob Palestinian land, torture Palestinians, most of whom are Muslims, violate their rights and sanctities, kill a significant number of them, and then return to US soil without even washing the blood off their hands.

Yet it is not only conservative and liberal politicians who are evoking Islamophobia in the US. The media, largely financed by Zionism, which lends a hand to any outlet willing to hush over the Israeli occupation of Palestine and thus demonize Muslims as part of the ploy, play a major role. They are not merely the means through which these notions are fed to the American public but they are also the mouthpieces of anti-Muslim propaganda. Irrevocably, they have the power to shape the American mindset.

Figures like Michael Tomasky, a liberal American columnist, has addressed the Muslim American community saying “the rights you have as Americans have to be earned, fought for” unlike the rest of US citizens. His words reflect this rising cult of racism.

While Trump is undoubtedly bigoted, he is not the only one. The difference is that he is standing on the campaign stage while others are preparing for the next scene of the US political drama. From banning Muslims from entering the US to profiling them, Trump’s calls are an echo of deep-rooted hatred in the US.

At the same time, many have denounced Trump as the actor, and what the script in which the context of his speeches are written. Philadelphia lawmaker Vincent Hughes has recently said that Trump represents the worst of American society.

“(Trump) represents the worst of us…He represents that which should not be allowed to hold public office but, most important, that which we should be in the regular business of denouncing.”

“Before you know it, it becomes the will of the land,” he added. “Before you know it, that hate conversation becomes practiced.”

However, the hate conversation and actions are already being practiced but not quite on a massive sale.

White supremacy in the US has not only recently targeted Muslims, Arabs, Iranians, and South Asians but has a long history of marginalizing minority groups such as Native Americans. This is not to say that the majority of Americans are so. This is just to say that a growing number is. As one observer has put it: “Trump is a symptom not the disease.” Many fear that this disease could become an epidemic.

By Alwaght