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Rezaei: US officials seeking to save Takfiri terrorist groups

Tehran, Dec 13, IRNA – Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei has said that the US officials are seeking to save Takfiri terrorist groups and to fuel tensions in the Middle East.

Speaking during a program broadcast live from the Iranian state television on Saturday night, Rezaei noted that the Washington government has never been after helping solve regional crises.

The US government never thought that it would be trapped in such a quagmire with launching a war against Syria, Rezaei said.

‘We will never trust the US in security and defensive issues,’ Rezaei said.

He underlined the necessity of collective efforts of all regional countries to fight Daesh and other terrorist groups.

Noting that Iran’s stands regarding the Syrian crisis are certain and Tehran will not retreat from its stands, Rezaei said, ‘Bashar Assad has to remain in power and it is the Syrian people that should determine their own destiny.’

Voicing concern about big hostilities in the region, he warned that a third world war could break out.

Rezaei said that the Middle East is on the verge of a big explosion which has its roots in unlawful incursion of national borders.

He stressed the role of the United Nations in preventing a major war which poses a threat to all regional countries.


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