Israel kills, injures hundreds of Palestinians within two days

Tehran, December 13, The Iran Project- Gaza, al-Khalil and Ramallah in the Palestinian occupied territories have been the bloody scenes of clashes between the Tel-Aviv forces and Palestinian protesters on Friday and Saturday that left at least three people killed and hundreds of others injured.

Gaza was the bloodiest scene of clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers in last two days. Resources said that clashes broke out when hundreds of Palestinians took to the street on Friday to take part in the funeral of a Palestinian killed by Israelis earlier. According to the resources, Tel-Aviv forces wounded at least 58 Palestinians and killed a 41-year-old Palestinian by live fire during the attacks on Friday.

Israeli forces also killed a 24-year-old Palestinian in the tensions in al-Khalil on the same day. He was reportedly shot in chest and critically wounded by Israeli military and later died in the hospital. The young man was the second child of the family that had lost another child a few months ago.

His funeral procession was another scene of the renewed clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers later in the day during which dozens of people were shot injured by Israeli live fire in the city. According to Red Crescent, 12 Palestinians have been wounded by live fire and rubber bullets of Israeli military forces.

Elsewhere in Ramallah, more than 30 people were severely wounded by Israeli forces’ live weapons and rubber bullets. Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters erupted when Israeli vehicles reached the city and opened fire at protesters on Friday.

Furthermore, Israeli soldiers ransacked several homes and medical centers in Bethlehem on Saturday. Locals told Palestinian news agencies that during the raid at a medical center in the city, the medical equipment of the center was confiscated by the forces. During the Israeli separate storms into the houses and stores, the Palestinians’ properties were damaged.