Zarif: Precise supervisions over JCPOA leave no place for doubts

Tehran, Dec 12, IRNA – Mohammad-Javad Zarif who is has appointed a team to supervise present and future claims on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action based on an order issued by Supreme Leader said precise supervisions by that team leave no place for doubts and worries.

The Iranian top diplomat who was speaking after a visit of Pakistan made the comment in response to a reporter’s question who had asked about the proposed resolution of the IAEA board of governors on closing the probable military dimensions (PMD) file said that some people have constant worries uselessly.
‘The six world powers (5+1 Group) prepared the PMD resolution after consulting with us and that resolution was earlier prepared based on the agency’s final evaluation, which was quite clear,’ he said.
Zarif reiterated that despite the deficiencies in the report we believe there ambiguities in its grey parts, but it is reiterated in it that no nuclear material aimed at manufacturing atomic weapons has been found in Iran.
‘The basis of the IAEA work is deciding whether such a thing has happened in Iran, or not. That means they should only decide whether the NPT has been breached or not,’ he added.