Roots of violence examined in Supreme Leader’s letter to European youth: Cleric

Tehran, Dec 11, IRNA – Tehran Interim Friday Prayer Leader Hojjatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi said that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s letter to the European youth has dealt with root causes of violence.

Addressing congregational praying, he said in his second sermon that the letter has elegantly explained West’s double standard policies, its hypocrisy and imposition of culture of violence.

He further noted that the letter, making a clear distinction between true and false, invites the humanity to Islamic facts and reality of religion.

The letter also serves as a warning to the youth both in Iran and across the world about the current situation and their duties under current circumstances, he said.

The letter shows that the Supreme Leader does not confine the Revolution to Iran; rather he consdiers all the world in need of the Revolution, he said.

Seddiqi also urged reviewing the history of Islam and Muslims to see when terror acts have started and who fuels flames of insecurity in the world?

Elsewhere in his speech, he condemned Turkish military aggression on Iraq, saying that such moves are detrimental to themselves and the entire region.

Describing the attack as an illogic move, the cleric added that Turkish nation are Muslims and they will be agitated by such acts.

He also called on the Turkish government to take into account their country’s security and economy, advising them to stop the aggression.

Such moves will make the enemies happy but they will not benefit you. Furthermore; they will make you weak and unpopular in the world, he said.

Friday prayer leader also touched on attacking Imam Hossein mourners on Arbaeen Day by the forces in Azerbaijan Republic, saying that no power has yet been able to extinguish the love for the great Imam in the hearts of people.

He also advised the Azeri officials to abandon harsh measures because this policy does not help any country.