Messages of Russian, NATO warships parade in Turkish waters

Alwaght- As days go by, tension between Turkey and Russia is increasing more than before, and military confrontation between the two sides seems to be more likely. Now, Erdogan wishes that he could go back and correct his mistake, as Turkey has already incurred an economic loss amounting more than $ 20 billion dollars.

Putin has warned Turkey that it is just the beginning, and Turkey would soon be regretful of the invasion. Nevertheless, the signs of regret are somehow appearing at the behavior of Turkish authorities, and the Kremlin has rejected several requests made by Erdogan to talk to Putin on the phone. Immediately after the downing of the Russian jet by Turkish air force, the Guardian, an English newspaper, speculated that conflict between NATO and Russia is quite likely. Nevertheless, it is much more likely than before.

NATO is in a strange dilemma, because in no way it is interested in a military confrontation with Russia. On the other hand, if Turkish officials, who have not recently acted rationally, incline towards heightening the tensions with Russia, NATO cannot remain silent as its silence would mean the death of NATO. All NATO members are probably criticizing Turkey as it has created the biggest challenge in recent decades.

Turkish waters is now a place for power play of both disputing sides, a dispute in which both sides seek to show their strength and intimidate the other. However, the costs of any possible war would be much more than its benefits.

Fars News Agency reported that on Sunday a Russian warship passed through the strait of Bosphorus in Istanbul, to join the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean. According to Al-Arabiya TV, while the warship was passing by the city, a Russian soldier was shouldering a rocket launcher towards the Turkish coast. However, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Turkish Foreign Minister described the soldier on the Russian warship as provocative. At the same time, Dogan Turkish New Agency reported that on Sunday, three NATO warships have docked in Istanbul. The NATO warships belong to Spain, Portugal and Canada. The parade of the warships might convey important messages.

One of the main messages of the presence of NATO warships in Turkish waters is the support of NATO for Turkey. In fact, the NATO has warned that Russia that it is ready to support Turkey in pursuant to Article V of the NATO charter. On the other hand, Russia also intended to convey the message to Ankara that Russia can continue to freely pass the Turkish straits and Turkey cannot be an obstacle, and on the other hand Russia has communicated the message that in addition to economic sanctions, possible military options remain on the table.

By Alwaght