Iranian company indigenizes profiler kits

TEHRAN, Dec. 08 (MNA) – An Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to develop and indigenize human identification kits that are more cost-effective than their foreign models.

Mohammad Ehsan Amini, a researcher at the knowledge-based company, told Mehr News correspondent that the company has been successful in developing their own version of human profiler kits for identification purposes, saying “our homegrown kits can easily replace the foreign models, without creating any interference in the analysis of previously obtained results.”

Amini added the motivation for the domestic production of the kits was the fact that 16 foreign-designed kits were being used in genetics laboratories of Iranian Legal Medicine Organization and the police force.

“The aim was to increase the level of the country’s medical quality,” said Amini, stressing that the kits have been fully produced by researchers of the Iranian company.

The kits have entered production phase since April 2015, although the company has been doing research in the field for two years, he added.

“The Iranian developed profiler kit is able to compile individuals’ profiles accurately and quickly with 17 locations, and can recognize two people with father and son/daughter relation,” he said.

The kit can identify individuals based on the blood, hair, saliva and other biological samples. The compiled profile then can be used in identifying criminals, incident victims, and family relations.

By Mehr News Agency