Some 22 people fall to H1N1 flu in Iran’s Kerman province

Some 22 people have died after contracting the H1N1 flu virus in Iran’s southeastern province of Kerman.

The health deputy of Kerman Medical University, Nozar Nakhaei, made the announcement late on Sunday, adding that most of the deceased had underlying chronic diseases before becoming infected, IRNA reported.

Stressing that the sickness shows itself all over the world as the weather gradually cools down each year, Nakhaei noted that there has been a slight spike in patients with underlying illnesses.

The deputy of Iran’s center for contagious diseases, Mahmoud Nabavi, was quoted by the Fars News Agency as saying that reports about the virus are not “abnormal” as cases of flu infection increase at this time of the year.

He stressed that the strains of H1N1 reported from Kerman are of the seasonal type and the number of casualties is within expectations.

By Press TV