Iraqi parliament denounces flagrant violation by Turkish troops

BAGHDAD, Dec. 07 (MNA) – Parliament members from Iraq regarded the entry of Turkish troops in an area close to Mosul as a flagrant violation of the Iraqi national sovereignty.

Humam Hamoudi, member of the Presidency of the Iraqi Assembly of Representatives called the government of Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to respond to such a provocation, based on the international and country’s legislations, to guarantee the right to save and keep the national sovereignty.

Hamoudi rejected any western foreign country or any Arab military intervention without prior request and approval of the government; otherwise it considered it an act of aggression.

“Our people today are stronger than earlier stages, and better prepared to protect their land and defend its sovereignty, as it has proven its capability during the war against the ISIL,” said the official to local media.

He added that those who are with the government and citizens embody national unity and strength of their free political and popular will.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq summoned the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad to protest the deployment of about 150 troops and significant numbers of tanks and other armored vehicles near Mosul in northern province of Nineveh, while demanded the immediate withdrawal.

A statement issued on Saturday called the Turkish action as a “hostile act” that could have serious consequences for stability in the area.

Other sources confirmed today the death of a chief ISIL terrorist, known as Abu Aisha, during clashes with Shia units of the Popular Mobilization volunteers supported by the security forces and members of Sunni tribes in Fallujah, Al-Anbar province.

By Mehr News Agency