Iran, Afghanistan agree on Persian applications’ cooperation

Tehran, December 7, The Iran Project Minister of Communication says Iran and Afghanistan agree to cooperate in the area of Persian applications and software.

Speaking on the sidelines of a joint meeting with Afghanistan’s delegation, Mahmoud Vaezi, Iran’s minister of Communications and Information Technology on Monday said variety of issues have been discussed between two countries among which is Persian applications and software.

Underlining the ties with neighboring countries as a top priority of President Rouhani’s government, Vaezi said the joint meeting was constructive.

He further noted the successful attendance of Iranian firms in Afghanistan. While emphasizing Iran’s software and hardware capabilities, he added that Afghanistan’s delegation is to visit Iran’s private sector this evening to become familiar with the Iran’s potentialities.

Pointing to the different areas of cooperation between two countries including Persian software and application, research and development, GNAF and ICT, the minister went on to say that five committees including electronic service, infrastructure and communication networks are due to establish soon to monitor and conduct the related tasks.