Netanyahu’s response to Kerry: Israel doesn’t believe two-state solution

Tehran, December 6, The Iran Project- Following the warning by the US Secretary of State that Israeli policies endanger the viability of a two-state solution, Israeli Prime Minister has explicitly responded that “Israeli will not be a binational state.”

Speaking at the Saban Forum in Washington, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State warned Saturday that Israeli policies have imperiled the two state solution and has paved the way for the Palestinian Authority collapse.

During his reportedly strongest comments, Kerry has said that the key Israeli policies including settlement activity and home demolitions were pushing the region away from peace.

According to Haaretz, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to Kerry’s comment a day later on Sunday during the weekly cabinet meeting, explicitly announcing that “Israel will not be a binational state, but in order for there to be peace, the other side needs to decide if they want peace.”

The US senior official speech came a week after his visit to the Palestinian occupied territory during which he admitted to feeling of frustration about the peace process between Israel and Palestine.

As the tensions broke out in the Palestinian occupied territories, the witnesses have told the Palestinian Maan Agency that Israeli right-wing groups have raided al-Aqsa mosque compound on Sunday.

Witnesses said that under the protection of Israeli forces, extremist settlers raided the compound before the start of Jewish holiday Hannukah. The attacks are while Israel prevents the free access of Palestinian worshipers to the mosque.

Israeli forces shot dead two Palestinians on Friday near Ramallah over the claim of attacks to the Israeli military forces. Israeli army has alleged that the forces shot a Palestinian in north of Ramallah after he rammed his car into a group of soldiers.

Earlier in the day another Palestinian also was shot dead after the alleged stabbing of an Israeli soldier near the city.
Israeli forces also detained a Palestinian young girl over the suspicion of attempt to stab Israeli forces in al-Khalil on Saturday. The Israeli police spokesperson has alleged that the woman has dismissed the border police order to not approach the checkpoint.

Amid the clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters on Saturday afternoon, a Palestinian teenage was shot injured by the Israeli live bullets in West Bank, near Qalqiliya.

According to a Palestinian official, the clashes broke out after Palestinians’ demonstration in the area which was soon targeted by Israeli live rounds and tear gas.

As the tension has escalated in al-Khalil, Israelis raided the homes of Palestinians in north of the city. During the recent storm of the Israeli military, a female Israeli soldier on Saturday forced an elderly Palestinian woman and her daughter to take off their clothes for strip-search.

Elsewhere in Ramallah, thousands of Palestinians’ staged a rally to protest against Israeli violence. According to the Palestinian resources, thousands of Palestinians took to the street on Friday to take part in the funeral procession of a Palestinian young man who was shot dead by Israelis over the claim of stabbing attempt in northwest of Ramallah on Thursday.

Palestinians in East al-Quds held a demonstration on Friday, demanding the return of the Palestinians’ body killed by Israeli forces. During the rally, Palestinians called Israeli authorities to hand over the bodies of those who killed by Israeli fire.

Israeli forces in October made the decision to withhold the bodies of Palestinian shot dead by Israeli gunshots in al-Khalil and East al-Quds. Since then many bodies have yet to be turned over by Israel.

12 Palestinians have been detained by Israeli forces in West Bank on Saturday. Along with the Israeli detention campaign, forces also raided several printing firms in al-Khalil, confiscating properties and causing damages over the baseless claim of printing “inciting materials”.