IME monthly trade value hits $785 mln

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) witnessed trading 1,780 KT of various commodities worth more than $785 million in spot and secondary markets late November.

According to the report from IME International Affairs and PR, 1,780 KT of different commodities were traded in domestic and export trading floors including 1,157 KT of various commodities worth more than $468 million in oil and petrochemical trading floor, 600 KT of different products worth approximately $298 million in metals and minerals trading floor, and approximately 22 KT of agricultural products worth $18 million in agricultural trading floor in the spot market.

Moreover, this month, the export trading floor witnessed trading of 268 KT of bitumen worth more than $80 million, 6.7 KT of insulation worth more than $2.5 million, 38 KT of sulfur worth more than $4.6 million as well as 110 KT of iron ore worth approximately $2 million.

In addition, IME experienced trading of 823 MT of products worth $238,602 in its secondary market during the same month.

It is worth noting, the derivatives market played host to the trading of $326 million gold coin futures contracts and $44,426 soybean meal futures contracts.