Leader’s letter, deep analysis of global terrorism’s roots: Canadian scholar

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A former Canadian university professor described Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s second open letter to the youth in the West as a “deep analysis of the psychological and geopolitical roots of global terrorism.”

In a message posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, Denis Rancourt wrote, “Although I am not young in years, I read your November 29, 2015, letter to Western youth with great interest and fascination. The letter excited both my intellect and my heart.”

Describing the Leader’s letter as a “deep analysis of the psychological and geopolitical roots” of terrorism in the world, he said, “I believe that your explanation is fundamentally correct, and I am amazed at your communication of this truth.”

Rancourt also expressed the hope that Western youth will study Ayatollah Khamenei’s letter, adding, “I hope that it (the letter) will help to catalyze a much needed awakening of the Western heart and mind.”

The Canadian scholar further said “Iran is truly blessed” to have a leader like Ayatollah Khamenei, adding “In Canada, we have only disingenuous and self-interested petty politicians who vie for corporate and USA favour, and who speak in platitudes for the national media.”

Rancourt is a former physics professor who was fired by the University of Ottawa after he defended a student report that accused the university of racial discrimination.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s second letter to the youth in the West was released on Sunday, November 29, following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

In the letter, the Leader underlined that it is only the “youth , who by learning lessons from today’s hardships, will be able to find new solutions for building the future, and block off-roads which have led the West to this current position.”

The Leader’s letter came against the backdrop of a renewed wave of attempts in the West to spread Islamophobia after a string of terrorist attacks claimed by Daesh (ISIL) shocked Paris on November 13.

By Tasnim News Agency 

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