Optimized military gear rejoin Iran’s navy

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A warship and two naval aircraft rejoined the Iranian Navy on Tuesday after undergoing fundamental repairs by the local experts.

In a ceremony attended by Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari in the country’s southern province of Hormozgan on Tuesday morning, the overhauled equipment returned to service and joined the southern fleet of Navy.

The warship, Iran-Tonb, which is a logistic and combat vessel, has been overhauled and equipped with modern systems. It took the Navy technicians 32 months and 2.425 million man-hour to overhaul the vessel.

232 systems installed on the warships have been overhauled, 7,800 faulty components have been replaced and 13,750 major components have been indigenized.

Iran-Tonb warship can carry helicopters, tanks and personnel-carriers and can be used for deploying troops.

During the ceremony, an SH-3 Sea King helicopter also returned to service after a series of renovation works.

The chopper, used for anti-submarine operations, has been optimized after 37 months of expert work. It is employed for the deployment of forces, monitoring the waterways, unloading parachutists and divers, aerial rescue and relief, and coastguard missions.

And the other overhauled aircraft was a Fokker F27 Friendship, a turboprop airliner used for marine patrol missions, deployment of troops and other tasks.

The military plane has been renovated after 36 months.

Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the overhaul of military planes in Iran was carried out by foreign military experts. But today the Islamic Republic is able to overhaul military aircraft thanks to reliance on the capabilities of the country’s committed engineers and technicians.

Iran has become one of only a handful of countries capable of performing the servicing and overhaul of its fleet of airplanes, both military and civilian.

By Tasnim News Agency