US, Israeli regime promote show war on ISIS

Alwaght- Defeating ISIS does not need using nuclear arms or the whole world’s armies use their strategic and transcontinental weapons. Rather, the case needs a real will to obliterate the terrorist groups. The entire world is aware that it is the US and Israeli regime that stand behind the terror organizations. Thereby, no matter what the claims of Washington about fight against ISIS are, the country has waged a simply show war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, a war not inflicted any tangible damages on the terrorist group after a year it was launched.   

The first step to beat ISIS and generally all of the growing terrorist groups in the West Asian region is to have real intention to destroy terrorism and have seriousness and drive to battle against it until it is ultimately uprooted. Everybody should know that the war should turn to a sacred duty for all without taking into account such matters as the religions, nationalities and different races. Defeat of the terrorists is feasible only in case there is a collective unity, international intelligence cooperation, boycotting and stalling all kinds of financing sources of the terrorist groups. These are the primary pillars of a platform of a counter-terrorism battle in a planned and organized way.

To ensure that there are links between the terrorist groups, the Freemasonry and the Zionist groups, there should be a search for those who so far benefited from the terror actions, and also for those who backed the terrorists to upgrade to their current conditions. In this case it would be figured out that those who stood for the terror groups and funded them are the Western countries led by the US and the Israeli regime. It is these countries which have taken advantage of the Arab world’s chaotic situation, the instability caused by the terrorists in the Muslim world and the damages inflicted on the Arab countries’ armies since the emergence of the terror organizations in the region.

The Israelis have supported the terrorist groups adopting a certain policy and framework to imbue the world’s minds with the notion that these organizations have grown out of Islam.

The primary Western message is to depict a Muslim world’s hostility while it claims that the Muslims are in West living peacefully, as the global Zionism is struggling to communicate another message to the disappointed and defeated youths who have fallen into the ISIS’ entrapment. The message is that the terrorism rose to protect a religion which had come under the Western and the American attacks, therefore, terrorism has decided to take revenge. However, in its sham revenge the terrorism is only killing the Muslims in the Arab countries.

The ISIS terrorist group has killed thousands of Muslims and Christians in both Iraq and Syria while it has never dispatched any of its criminal mercenaries to fight the occupant Israelis. This case highlights existence of ideological links between the ISIS, the Israelis and all of those who have mobilized their resources to tear apart the Muslim world, especially the Freemasonry and Zionist thoughts which have no aim but destabilizing, partitioning and ultimately destroying the Islamic Ummah. This is what has been observed coming out of actions of the terrorist group ISIS since it rose and grew stronger in the pat years.

The terrorism has been successful in stirring conflicts among the Arabs in one side and the Muslims on the other side, diverting them from their original case which is the Palestine occupation cause. This issue supports the notion that the Israelis have been behind the rise of the terrorist group and its presenting a crisis in the West Asia region. In addition, the ISIS’ mercenary fighters are targeting the Arab world’s armies, notably the Syrian army, which pose a danger to them and to the criminal Israeli regime, which has secured a margin of safety for itself after triggering conflicts among the Muslims, as it managed to manipulate the occupied Palestinian territories the way it wished, while there is no Arab country standing in face of the Tel Aviv’s measures in Palestine.

By Alwaght