Iran establishes school of religion and medicine in Qom: Health Minister

Tehran, November 30, The Iran ProjectIran’s Health Minister says Iran establishes a school of Religion and Medicine in the city of Qom, soon.

Underlining the initial steps to set up the school of Religion and Medicine, Seyed Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, Iran’s Minister of Health and Medical Sciences on Monday said the ministry has received the proposal to establish the school long time ago, and it is time to launch this proposal.

He noted the Islam’s effective instructions and guidelines related to the issue of health, highlighting the challenges and questions facing both patients and medical staff which need to be responded.

Mentioning the joint meeting with Qom senior clerics and the capacities of the city, he explained that after the ministry’s initial agreement, the location, the faculty staff and courses were defined, too.

In concluding part of his remarks, Hashemi noted the ongoing examination of the school’s curriculum by the high council of planning, and further hoped that with approving the academic content and curriculum the school begins to enroll students in current academic year.