‘I Run Iran’ marathon

‘I Run Iran’ to mark Iran’s 1st marathon

TEHRAN, Nov. 28 (MNA) – Iran Silk Road Travel Agency will organize the first marathon of Iran dubbed as ‘I Run Iran’ on April 9, 2016 in conjunction with Fars Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.

The I Run Iran marathon will start near the historical city of Shiraz with the finish line at Persepolis, the legendary capital of the Persian Empire while runners from all over the world have been invited to participate in the unique, international event.

Organizers are determined to clear the path towards International Friendship and participants from many different countries will actively engage in achieving the goal by running together while getting acquainted with the Persian culture and history.

All marathon runners are supposed to gather at the impressive Shiraz city gate for a transfer to the nearby start line while the marathon finishes at Persepolis’ Nation Gate. Eventually, the winners will be honored at the palace of Darius the Great.

The great Achaemenian king, Dariush decreed to embark on an expedition to conquer Athens 2500 years ago and the two countries’ armies bravely fought at the town of Marathon marking the beginning of marathon games.

In modern times, the marathon has become the symbol of international peace and friendship and the first Iranian marathon intends to inspire a large, young Iranian population to run for fun with the event triggering a campaign for running as an outdoor sport activity since most sports in Iran are practiced indoors.

For the local youth a ‘I Run 4 Fun’ race will be held at the end of the main race.

This international sport event offers a unique chance to discover the real Iran. Shiraz is the city of poets, splendid Persian gardens and the nightingale. After the marathon participants have the opportunity to make a city trip to beautiful Esfahan and the capital Tehran.

Iran Silk Road expects participants from at least fifty different countries while the number of male runners for the first Iran marathon is limited to 400; more info and registration forms are available here.

By Mehr News Agency