Qasem Soleimani talks about Rokn Abadi and himself’s death rumors

“Martyrdom in Mina, an honorable end for Rokn Abadi”

Alwaght- Rokn Abadi was a prominent revolutionary character that interpreted a new concept from diplomacy. He played an outstanding role during Israeli Regime bombardment against Lebanon in 2006 Lebanon war (July war or 33Day war) and was a pillar to the country’s resistance.

Major General Qasem Solemeni in an interview with Alwaght reporter on Sunday said: “Martyrdom in Mina and after prayers in Arafat and revelation land for Mr. Rokn Abadi was a Glorious end. He interpreted a new concept from diplomacy by real Jihad for God’s sake”.

Commander of Quds Force in response to the rumors revolving around his death while laughing said “Martyrdom is what I seek in mountains and valleys but isn’t granted yet”.

By Alwaght