Israel kills and injures hundreds of Palestinians within 2 days

Tehran, November 28, The Iran Project- Following Israeli massacre of Palestinians, the occupied territories have been bloody scene of clashes between the Tel-Aviv forces and Palestinian protesters on Thursday and Friday that left several people killed and more than one hundred injured .

Palestinian Red Crescent on Friday has announced that at least 82 Palestinians have been shot injured by Israeli fire in Gaza and West Bank on Friday. The regime had also violently injured tens of other Palestinians on Friday.

In the separate clashes in east of Gaza, Khan Younis, the area near the security fence in Gaza Strip, Ramallah, the occupied West Bank, Qalqiliya and the village of Qusra more than 80 Palestinians have been injured with Israelis’ live fire and rubber bullets on Friday.

Meanwhile on Thursday, Israeli forces opened fire at Palestinian mourners in a young Palestinian’s funeral procession Qatanna in East al-Quds, injuring dozens of Palestinians with live bullets. The Palestinian resources have reported that following the funeral of a 21-year-old Palestinian killed earlier on Thursday by Israeli forces, Israeli’s fire to disperse the crowds has left nine injured with live fire, seven with rubber bullets and 40 others with sever gas inhalation. In the funeral demonstration, Palestinian protesters chanted anti-Israeli slogans, waving the Palestinian flags.

Earlier in the day a 21-year-old Palestinian was shot dead by Israelis during the clashes in the city of Qatanna. The witnesses told that the Palestinian was shot in head while was left on the ground bleeding for over two hours. The Israeli officials reportedly denied any medical access to the victim.

On Thursday, Israelis also killed a Palestinian on Nablus over the claim of attempt to stab an Israeli soldier. Israeli police confirmed that the Palestinian man has been shot several times before he died. He is the second Palestinian died of Israeli fire on Thursday.

Third Palestinian in only one day also was killed on Thursday during the clashes between Israelis and Palestinians in al-Arrub refugee camp in north of al-Khalil. The Palestinian medic announced that the 19-year-old Palestinian has been shot twice in stomach by Israelis and died of his wounds in hospital. The clashes broke out in the camp when Israel deployed the forces there.

Hours later, the Palestinian’s funeral has been another scene of Palestinians’ protest against the Israel’s crimes. During the procession Palestinian mourners protested against the “execution policy” of Israeli regime.

Another Palestinian also was shot dead by an Israeli settler on Friday after allegedly running over two Israeli troops in the city of East al-Quds. Israeli military has alleged that during the so called “car attack”, two Israeli soldier have injured.

Meanwhile, during a bloody clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters in al-Fawwar refugee camp in south of al Khalil on Thursday, dozens of Palestinians were injured. According to the reports, clashes broke out when Israeli forces entered the camp to raid a Palestinian’s home killed by Israelis earlier and other Palestinians resisted to prevent them from reaching the house.

The witnesses have told the Palestinian Maan agency that Palestinian youths threw rocks, empty bottles and Molotov cocktails to stop them while Israeli troops used live fire and tear gas bombs and rubber bullets. As the result of the clashes five Palestinians have been reportedly wounded with live fires while dozens of other were injured by gas inhalation and rubber bullets.

Elsewhere in East al-Quds, a Palestinian worker was assaulted by several Israelis on Friday. According to the relatives, the worker was badly injured in neck by a reportedly “sharp object”. They also reported that the attack may be a failed measure to nab the 32-year-old Palestinian.