More Palestinians killed by Israeli regime forces

Alwaght- Israeli regime forces have continued their atrocities by killing  two more Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. 

Palestine’s Ma’an news agency said that Israeli regime forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager on Monday afternoon after he allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli trooper at the Huwwara checkpoint south of Nablus.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the attacker as Alaa Khalil Sabah Hashah, 16, Ma’an news agency reported.

A Palestinian woman identified as Samah Abd al-Mumen Ahmad from Ammuriya village was shot in the head in the crossfire, witnesses said.

A bus driver, Adham al-Sharfa, told Ma’an: “I saw what happened with my own eyes as Israeli soldiers opened fire at a youth for attempting to stab an Israeli soldier and then several Israeli soldiers arrived and shot the youth more than 10 times and he fell to the ground.”

Huwwara checkpoint lies just south of Nablus on a major thoroughfare for both Palestinians as well as Zionists living in illegal settlements in the northern occupied West Bank.

On Sunday, an Israeli settler ran over a 16-year-old girl at Huwwara checkpoint before getting out of his car and shooting her dead, saying that he believed she was about to carry out a stabbing attack at the checkpoint.

Almost 100 Palestinians have been killed in protests that have swept the occupied Palestinian territory since the beginning of October have been referred to as the al-Quds Intifada.

The recent al-Quds Intifada has been triggered to end the temporal and spatial division of al-Aqsa Mosque, the Israeli settlement construction, the Judaization schemes, and Israeli regime’s brutal attacks on Palestinians.

Late October, senior Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Ismail Haniya said that the Palestinian Intifada or uprising in occupied al-Quds cannot be stopped by any  power in the world.

Haniyeh added that: “We are ready for political and popular unity at all levels and willing to agree on a united national strategy to protect the intifada, regain Palestinians’ rights, and adhere to the inalienable nationalistic principles.”

By Alwaght