Iran’s Surena smarter than Asimo: Daily Mail

Tehran, Nov 23, IRNA – Step aside Asimo. A robot being developed in Iran has just got a lot smarter, Daily Mail reported.

Surena, the third version of a humanoid robot that researchers have been developing for eight years, was unveiled earlier this week, British newspaper Daily Mail reported on its Science and Tech page.

The robot stands at 190 cm (6.2ft) tall, weighs 98 kg (216lb) and has four articulated limbs, similar to Honda’s Asimo and Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot.

It can interact with people using its voice recognition and speech modules – although it’s currently only able to speak Farsi.

Surena can also recognize faces, and imitate peoples’ motions, it reported while explaining the Iranian robot’s capabilities.

Although Surena was unveiled a week ago, the foreign media are still talking about this scientific achievement by the Iranian researchers.

Human-like robot ‘Sorena 3’ has been produced by Tehran University, work on which started three years ago.