Iran's drone ‘Hodhod 3’

Iran designs drone capable of flying 1 hour

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers have designed a drone capable of flying continuously for 53 minutes every time charged with battery.

It is also fitted with a camera which can take photos without trembling.

Mostafa Hassan-Panah, the lead author of the study, said the drone dubbed ‘Hodhod 3’ (Hoopoe 3) is an unmanned multi-rotor

which is capable of operating without a band.

It can fly for 53 minutes non-stop and create less noise, and can be easily repaired as well.

The drone is 12 KG heavy and the vertical flight drone can move carrying consignment upto 3 kg, and can be used for emergency such as carrying scorpion and snake bites serums.

Its speed totals 70 km/h, he said, adding the telecommunications range of the device hits 10 km/h.