Iran busts 10 terrorist cells: Intelligence minister

Iran has uncovered and disbanded 10 terrorist groups since mid-October, says Iran’s Intelligence Ministry.

Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi made the comments while addressing a group of scholars in the western Kordestan province on Monday.

The Islamic Republic has “vigilantly” obstructed any move by the terrorists using the country’s “intelligence dominance.”

He went on to hail the Iranian nation’s support for Iran’s intelligence community, noting that efforts to fight terrorism “are not enough on their own” unless the people contribute to investigations.

Alavi made the remarks in the wake of the deadly Paris attacks that left 132 people dead and many more injured.

Following those attacks and earlier deadly bombings in the Lebanese capital Beirut, Alavi said on Sunday that the recent incidents “are a serious alert to us too and should be subjected to expert attention.”

By Press TV