US openly supports Al Saud’s crimes in Yemen

Alwaght- Praising Saudi Arabia for implementing the US policy in the West Asian region, General Charles Brown, the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, has hailed the Saudi-led coalition’s operations against the Yemeni people.

Brown has noted that the US Air Force was working with the Saudi forces in terms of training. Expressing admiration over Saudi airstrikes in Yemen, he added that Washington and Riyadh shared the same views.

The White House undoubtedly backs Saudi policy and the military strikes against the Yemeni civilians. Over 200 days ago Saudi Arabia got engaged in a full-scale war in Yemen, a proxy war which has brought over billions of dollars in profits for the US. And all of its expenses were paid by Saudi Arabia from its oil incomes, which were supposed to be spent on Saudi people who are just unlike their rulers suffering from a lot of economic and social troubles.

The Saudi aggression has so far left over 7000 civilians dead, mostly defenseless women and children. The American praise for Saudi regime’s policy is not a new case, because since the beginning of US-led war in Afghanistan, and even before and after that, Saudi Arabia has been implementing the US policies in the region in the best possible way, just as the Americans expected.

To defeat the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan, Riyadh funded the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in the country, supplying it with armed takfiri-Wahabbi fighters from Saudi origins.

Saudi Arabia’s policy dictated not entering any war against Israeli regime despite the massacres and tragedies carried out by Tel Aviv.

As the war started in Syria, Saudi Arabia as it was designed for it by the US has provided the terror groups with financial support. The kingdom also supplied the terrorists with the arms and equipment bought from the United States.

Naturally, the US admires the Saudi regime’s actions, because it sells its arms while observing the situation without paying any price or receiving any damage. The US keeps following its new plan for the West Asian region, known as “Greater Middle East Project”, which it failed to realize on the ground after defeat in July 2006 Lebanon 33-Day war.

However it is not true to say that they think alike, because the US, which is one of the supporters of terrorism across the world, disguises itself under the cover of the sham claims of defending the freedom and backing the oppressed, however, Saudi Arabia is an open supporter of terrorism and it punishes its political opposition.

The best example concerning the case is the US occupation of Iraq. Holding the excuse of destroying the weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), the US entered in Iraq, killing thousands of Iraqi people while it claimed that it came to support them. However, the world has witnessed the US crimes, as in Abu  Gharaib prison people observed the images depicting prisoner torture and abuse. However, due to powerful propaganda machine, which is mostly under the US influence, the country has managed to hide and even distort the truth.

Along with US open role, Saudi Arabia secretly sent arms and the Wahhabi terror militants. It also facilitated suicidal attacks and arranged sectarian disputes and domestic conflicts. Cooperating with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Saudi Arabia has founded, directly or indirectly, the ISIS terrorist organization. Additionally, in Syria war Saudi Arabia noticeably presented financial aids to the terrorists and provided them with arms and ammunitions. Besides, the Wahhabi clerics who always encouraged the young people to go to Syria for jihad, have helped the Saudi regime with its plans.

Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf Arab states’ extravagant arms purchases from the American military industries is the most important factor making the US pleased with Saudi policies. The Arab countries spend billions of dollars of their budgets on buying arms. Despite having fighter jet fleets as well as arms and missiles, the Arab countries are not able to produce any ammunition for their military facilities. So, they unavoidably resort to the US arms industries, which play a big role in directing the country’s foreign policies.

By Alwaght