Benjamin Netanyahu,

Bibi misunderstanding of terrorism

Tehran, November 16, The Iran Project- While Israeli regime continues the illegal occupation and violent policies toward the Palestinians on a daily basis, in harsh comments Israeli Prime Minister has described the Palestinian legal resistance as “terrorism”. 

Amid the growing fear of the terrorist moves around the world, in a harsh stance toward the Palestinian people, Netanyahu compared the terrorist attacks in Paris to the Palestinian acts of self-defense in the occupied territory. During his speech on Saturday after the Paris attacks, Israeli Prime Minister in a strange speech compared Jerusalem to those in London, Paris, Madrid and Buenos Aires as the victims of what he called “terrorism”.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President on Friday also issued a statement in which he expressed his solidarity and sympathy with France.

Meanwhile Gaza strip on Sunday witnessed an explosion which left at least one Palestinian dead and three  wounded. According to the Palestinian medical resources the victims are young men whose condition is unknown.

Al-Khalil and Ramallah on Saturday also has been the scene of the clash between the Palestinians protesters and Israeli forces. During the funeral processions of two Palestinians who were shot dead earlier in clashes on Friday, thousands of Palestinian in al-Khalil waved the Palestinian flags, demanding international protection against Israeli violations. The tensions escalated in the scene after the Israeli forces opened fire at the protesters, injuring at least five demonstrators with live bullets.

The Palestinian resources said that Israeli forces also detained 13 Palestinians including 6 children in the same city overnight Saturday. The locals said that Israeli regime raided the homes in al-Khalil, arresting the Palestinians including several minors. Israeli military spokesperson confirmed the news, alleging that they have been detained in the raids because of “illegal activity”. Another young Palestinian man was also reportedly nabbed for attempting to leave Gaza for medical treatment in the West Bank.

Following a week of intense violence in Ramallah, the Nationalistic and Islamic factions in Ramallah on Saturday urged Palestinian to continue to resist against Israeli occupation “by any available means”. The faction also called Palestinians to stage a rally on November 16th to commemorate the 27th anniversary of Palestinian Declaration Independence.

Elsewhere in East al-Quds an Israeli military vehicle has run over a Palestinian toddler, injuring him in head. The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health has said that the two-year-old Palestinian was evacuated to hospital for medical treatment while provided no details of his condition. Israeli military spokesman has alleged that it was an “accident”.

Israeli soldiers once again harassed a Palestinian family in the olive harvest season in the West Bank. According to the Palestinian resources, Israeli security guards from nearby illegal settlement have forced a Palestinian family to leave their olive lands in al-Khalil. According to the locals, when Palestinians avoided to leave their farmland Israeli forces have moved to throw tear gas to force them to flee.

Earlier, many reports of Israeli settlers and soldiers’ illegal actions against the Palestinian farmers have been reported particularly in olive harvest season.