Telecom minister says 5 MOUs signed in Russian visit

Tehran, Nov 14, IRNA – Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mahmud Vaezi wrote a short report in a social network about signing of 5 memoranda of understanding (MOUs) during the Moscow 12th Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission.

‘Some 280 Russian companies and organizations participated in that joint commission and the level of the Iranian delegation, too, was much higher compared with the previous years,’ wrote Vaezi.
Cooperation in search for the lost ships in the seas and saving them, campaign against sea pollution (with oil, or other chemical products and industrial sewage), cooperation in discovery of mines and terrestrial studies under the seabed for mineral substances, finance agreement between the Russian Finance Bank and the Iranian Export Development Bank are mentioned among a handful of bilateral agreements according to Vaezi.
He also referred to the inclusion of the signing of an agreement on Iranian Techno-Export Company, which specializes in electrical equipment with Russia and some projects that Iranian contractors are to implement in Russia as some of the most important points in the final document of the 12th Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission.
Vaezi has meanwhile in his note expressed hope that these MOUs will soon be implemented and finalized.