The tables are turning: Syrian army pushes ISIL out of key areas

The tide is turning in favor of the Syrian Army which began to push ISIL and other jihadist groups away from key areas in Syria, including the crucial Kweiris airbase in the Aleppo province, Dr. Mohammad Marandi, an Iranian political expert on American Studies from the University of Tehran, told Radio Sputnik.

The Kweiris airbase was under ISIL siege for two-years until the Syrian Army supported by Russian airstrikes advanced into the area and cleared it of jihadists, leaving a large number of them dead and wounded in the process.
“This operation went so well, as [ISIL] casualties were very high and they were adamant that the Syrian government wouldn’t be able to break the siege at the airbase,” Marandi told Radio Sputnik.
The Iranian expert said the success of the Syrian Army wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Russian airstrikes in the country.

By Sputnik News