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EU decision to label illegal settlement products angers Israel

Tehran, November 12, The Iran Project- EU commission which is the executive branch of EU has lately requires the producers to clearly label products to indicate that “the origin of goods is from the territories illegally occupied by Israel.”

The new labeling guidelines for the goods produced in Israeli illegal settlements, which were published on Wednesday, is in line with International law which doesn’t recognize the Israeli occupation of some territories including Golan Heights, Gaza and the West Bank since 1967.

“Since the Golan Heights and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are not part of the Israeli territory according to international law, the indication ‘product from Israel’ is considered to be incorrect and misleading in the sense of the referenced legislation,” the EU said.

The Palestinian leadership praised the European Union move to label goods produced in the illegal Israeli settlements. Speaking to Al-Jazeera, Mustafa Bargouthi, a senior official of Palestinian Liberation Army said that the EU decision sends the message that Israeli occupation is illegitimate.

Israeli Energy Minister, in response, denounces the EU decision, describing it as “disguised anti-Semitism”.

Meanwhile, during an Israeli storm to a hospital in al-Khalil, the West Bank, undercover Israeli forces killed a young Palestinian, detaining another.

Witnesses said on Thursday midnight that around 20 undercover Israeli soldiers raided a hospital surgery room to detain a Palestinian, killing a 28-year-old Palestinian who was there to visit a relative. Some resources said one of the undercover Israeli soldiers disguised as a pregnant woman.

The Israeli army spokesperson confirmed the news, alleging that the Palestinian was shot multiple times after he had attempted to attack the forces.

Dozens of Israeli forces have stormed al-Arrub camp, in al-Khalil for third consecutive day, detaining 24 Palestinians including children on early Thursday. Before the raids, Israeli forces distributed statements, warning the camp residents against throwing stones.

West Bank on Wednesday has been the scene of bloody clashes after the Palestinians marked the 11th anniversary of Yasser Arafat death. The Palestinian resources said at least 70 Palestinians have been injured by the Israeli soldiers bullets. During the separate rallies in Hebron, Bethlehem, and other cities in West Bank, the Palestinian crowds waved the Palestinian flags, chanting slogans against Israel.

Medical sources said a Palestinian who had been shot in chest with Israeli live bullets is in critical condition. Some medics and journalists are also reportedly among the injuries of the clashes.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas took part in a televised speech on Wednesday to commemorate the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat death. He strongly denounced the Israeli moves to expand occupation and settlement building, saying that Palestinian security and stability is not achievable until Israel continues to Palestine’s military occupation.

“This land is ours, we were born here, we lived here, our fathers and grandfathers lived here, we build our present and future and cherish our history and cultural heritage of thousands of years on this holy land,” the Palestinian president added.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces raided the village of Huwwara in Nablus, storming dozens of stores and seizing the surveillance cameras. According to the locals, Israel have imposed curfew on the village.

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