Contrary to Pentagon’s claims, ‘Russia, China and Iran threaten no one’

As evidenced by its activities and rhetoric, the North Atlantic Alliance and the Pentagon officials are operating under the false assumption that Moscow, Beijing and Tehran are aggressively pursuing their interests and pose a threat to world peace when in fact they do not, US author Stephen Lendman noted.

“The only examples of ongoing and perhaps planned [aggression] are US-led NATO and Israeli initiated. Russia, China and Iran threaten no one. Moscow justifiably accuses Washington of being an aggressor nation – in the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere,” he noted in an opinion piece for The Peoples Voice.

Lendman’s article came in response to the news that America’s top military brass wants to boost rotational presence of US troops in Europe and conduct more war-games to counter Russia. The decision is expected to be made in the coming months.

For the expert the implications of this approach are grim. Contrary to what US military officials claim, military buildup in Europe does not help to enhance security and uphold stability in the region. “Hyping a nonexistent Russian threat combined with provocative actions risk direct East-West confrontation,” he warned.

Nevertheless, the likes of General Philip Breedlove, NATO’s supreme allied commander, or General Mark Milley, the chief of staff of the US Army, are unlikely to change their stance even if it is not supported by facts.

“DOD officials and Pentagon commanders are especially hawkish. Russia bashing continues unabated. Breedlove claims cooperating with Moscow diplomatically means accepting its agenda in Ukraine. For Breedlove, it’s aggressive. Clear evidence shows it’s all-out efforts for diplomatic conflict resolution, polar opposite to US policy,” Lendman asserted, referring to the Minks peace process.
US, NATO Deadliest Military OperationsBy Sputnik News