Zanjani: I have €22b in cash

TEHRAN – As he stood trial for the 7th hearing, Iranian tycoon Babak Zanjani claimed that he has €22 billion in cash.

During the hearing, Judge Abolqasem Salavati called Deputy Chief Justice of Tehran Morteza Turak to the court to provide comments, Entekhab news website reported on Tuesday.

Turak stated that Zanjani has not provided any name of the oil wells he has in Iraq and Tajikistan.

He said the Tehran Justice Department has assigned experts to evaluate the assets of Zanjani, adding his reports of his domestic appliances and other home utilities indicate very high-price items.

He further said Zanjani’s entire assets in Iran amount to 2,595 billion rials (each 29,995 rials equal to $1).

However, Zanjani himself said he has 22 billion euros in cash.

The court also gave Zanjani one day to present documents that an Emirati sheikh called Sheikh Hashr has given him 15 billion euros.

In defense of himself, Zanjani said that Iran kept alive during the harsh days under sanctions through his efforts to do business for Iran in Malaysia.

He also said that he imported 22 airplanes to Iran despite international sanctions.

By Tehran Times