ISIS chief al-Baghdadi flees Syria heading Iraq : Report

Alwaght- ISIS terrorist group ringleader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is reported to have recently fled Syria amid intensified Russian airstrikes and has arrived undercover in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh.

According to Iraq news website, al Baghdadi arrived on Monday in the province coming from the Syrian area of Albu Kamal accompanied by top ISIS commanders of various nationalities.

Speaking on condition anonymity, the source added that, “This evening (Monday), al-Baghdadi as well as a group of the Arab and foreign leaders of the ISIS group arrived in Nineveh coming from the area of Albu Kamal,” noting that, “His arrival was not in the form of a large convoy.”

The source also added, “al Baghdadi entered Nineveh amid complete secrecy.”

Last week Russian warplanes launched a new wave of airstrikes on the northeastern Syrian city of Raqqa, killing tens of ISIS terrorists. Raqqa is believed to be the main ISIS operating base in Syria with sources saying al Baghdadi has been staying in the city for a long time.

Russia has been targeting positions of ISIS in western and northern Syria since September 30. The United States and its allies, including Turkey, have been involved in the so-called campaign against purported ISIS positions for over one year without success.

By Alwaght