Iran UN envoy upbeat about Tehran-Ottawa ties

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian Permanent Envoy to the UN said he is upbeat about the future of ties between Iran and Canada.

“We are optimistic about the future of political relations between the two countries and this is the win-win game we have already talked about,” Gholam-Ali Khoshrou said.

He said that the new Canadian government which has recently come to power is seeking a balance in Canada’s relations with Iran countries. It also discussed relations with Iran in its election motto.

Khoshrou said that previous developments and shutting down Canadian embassy in Iran not helped policy, culture and economy of the two countries and this wrong approach needs to be modified.

Elsewhere, asked about the date for reopening Canadian embassy in Tehran, he said, “We do not know the exact time for reopening the embassy, because the government came to the power recently.”

He also recommended the new government to prioritize relations with Iran and a new glance to Iran.

The Iranian UN envoy said that the two countries can have enormous cooperation in different fields, especially in science domains.