President Rouhani to confer trade ties in France, Italy

Tehran, Nov 8, IRNA – Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines here on Sunday announced some of economic objectives of President Hassan Rouhani’s upcoming official visits of France and Italy.
‘President Rouhani is scheduled to visit two major European countries, namely France and Italy, in late November and the programming and scheduling for the president and his accompanying delegation’s European visit is almost finalized now,’ said Mohsen Jalalpur.

He said that President Rouhani was officially invited to France by that country’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius during his visit few months ago to Iran on behalf of the French president.

‘The Italian prime minister, too, invited President Rouhani to visit Rome during his visit of Iran, which is why the program for the president and his large economic accompanying delegation’s visit of those two European countries is being finalized,’ added Jalalpur.

He also said that the great significance of these two important official visits is that they are being made on the verge of implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as the delicate approach of the president in those visits can bear maximal benefits for Iran.

The Chamber’s head added that some private sector representatives at the Chamber, too, will be accompanying the president in these visits among the economic team of the presidential delegation.

Jalalipur who will himself be among the economic team of the presidential delegation said that a number of economic contracts will be signed during those two visits.

‘New potentials for joint investments of the Iranian, French and Italian firms will be created during those visits,’ he said.

He said that part of the programs of these two visits have been already finalized in the framework of four expert panels comprised of Iranian and French activists.

‘Negotiations with activists in money and capital markets, especially major French bank managers and visits of some Paris shopping and industrial centers, in addition to participation in Joint Economic Cooperation Conference in the presence of the Iranian and French presidents have been finalized,’ added Jalalipur.

The head of the Iran chamber added that similar meetings and events will be held in Italy in addition to a dinner banquet in the presence of the Italian prime minister.

He appreciated the Iranian ambassadors in France and Italy for their hard work in arranging for the visits’ programs and expressed hope that these historical visits will be the beginning of economic blessings for Iran.

Italy’s trade volume with Iran is currently 696 million euros and France’s is 481 million and they were respectively Iran’s 2nd and 3rd trade partners in Europe in the year 2013.