November 4 Iran’s independence day

TEHRAN, Nov. 04 (MNA) – An American writer, journalist and political analyst said the November 4 is the same as what Americans did on July 4 to declare our independence from the Great Britain.

“All the things Iranians did in 1979 is the same as our declaration of independence from Great Britain on July 4, in 1776,” Mark Glenn said. “If they were honest to picture what happened on November 4, then the American people would say, ‘Wow! November 4th, July 4th, two dates the same thing happened, the Iranian people declared independence from America and Americans from Great Britain.”

In an interview to Mehr News, American political analyst Mark Glenn answered the questions on the issue:

There is a hot topic currently in Iran that Americans are trying to infiltrate into Iranian politics, culture, everything. In your point of view, how such an infiltration would happen?

Right now, the way they could use is of course money; the lifting of sanctions and removal of Iran’s possession as a country that is isolated in the world and even though they don’t talk about it publicly, I’m sure that the discussions come up where the Americans have said your young people are getting ready to explode and we are going to help them explode if you don’t give us what we want. In one section of the ancient story written by Latin poet Vergil called ‘The Aeneid,’ they’re talking about this war between Troy and Greece. And the Trojans leave behind this walled city named Troy and the Greeks have been trying to get through the walls for ten years and it’s become an embarrassment to the Greeks that they can’t get through the walls, it’s costing them a lot of money, so they devise this strategy of getting through the walls by building this large horse and pretending that it’s a gift of surrender, but inside the horse are Greek soldiers. So their plan was to pretend to retreat and then the Trojans would bring the horse into the city and then the Greek soldiers inside wait for the nightfall and they come out and they open the gate to the Greek army. This is exactly what the Americans are trying to do. They’re using the sanctions relief as bait. They will first attack the Iranian financial system and then say bring your banking system in line with the America’s banking system so that any time they want they can bring chaos to the streets of all Iranian cities just by pushing a button. And they can do 50 percent of all this job in a week’s time. People are out of work, they are unable to buy food and now you have chaos in the streets. As for their infiltration through the media, they want Hollywood been brought into the living rooms of every Iranian home, so that they can turn them, especially the young people, into Persian versions of American kids with violence, sex and drugs always on their minds. Iran’s intelligence services will be completely defanged and the political system will be attacked so that puppets can be elected to the parliament and to the highest office in the land that will do America’s bidding. And then finally, I think, their real goal here is they want to remove entirely the Supreme Leader and his council of people; to get them completely out of the way to get them completely out of the way so that it is a political system that can be completely controlled by putting in corrupt leaders and it all begins with dangling that bait of sanctions relief.


You have been in Iran for a while and you have seen different types of people like the people in the universities, on the streets as well as different officials; all of you talked about the plots and the ways the US has used to penetrate Iranian society; two main factors that can block their trying are the wisdom of people and the role of the leadership; how did you find the wisdom of people and how would you assess the role of the Iranian Leader in this regard? 

I think, what frightens America and the Israeli regime more than anything else is that 1979 represents something that has not taken place anywhere except in Iran; you look at all these uprisings that all have been western-created plots utilizing all the genuine frustration that people of those countries have stirred from the plot; Iran’s situation is entirely different because obviously Iranians are very rational people, they are deep thinkers and wonderful chess players and what the Americans and plot designers are terrified of is that the fruits of 1979 are spread not only throughout the Middle East but also throughout the whole world and it is for this reason that they have adopted this new strategy of trying to negotiate with Iran.

Even despite all the differences that exist in the Iranian society between young and old, between modernity and tradition, between man and woman, once the missiles start flying into Iran, all those differences start to evaporate and the Iranian people will come together again to fight the attack. So, the wisdom of the Leader in this I think is something that goes from the top down and something that goes from the bottom up; I think that it is like a family where they have a very wise father and he has children who understand that the father knows what he is doing; because you don’t see the kinds of upheavals in Iran that you see in other places of the world.

Therefore, I think the Iranians, because of their Shiite background – and I am not saying that’s anyway to denigrate Sunnis – but there is a different philosophical approach between Shiite Islam and Sunni Islam in much the same way that there is a difference between the Catholics and the Protestants; you look at America and you see it is mainly the protestants who are infected with these Christian lines whereas the Catholics are not affected by them. This is why I said in my earlier comment that ultimately the enemy’s bold aim and target is to get rid of the Leader and the Clerics because without that wisdom anything goes in the political system; they can get anybody elected to the parliament and then on to the president who is in their pocket but as long as that institution of the Leader and those who are advising him remains up there and as long as the Leader has the final say on things, they would never be able to undue the 1979 revolution which is what they are really worried about; they need to take an eraser to that and as the minister said they want to create a counter-revolution to 1979 and basically put the monrachy system back in power.


November 4 and the capturing of US “Den of Espionage” indicates Iranian anger towards the US government not the people because of their mistreatment with all the people around the world, especially Iranians. Why don’t the Western and American mainstream media deal with the real roots of the hostility of people around the people toward the US government?

Because, if the American people really understood what happened especially in 1953 with the overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddegh, if they understood, then they would understand why the Iranian students did in 1979, it makes perfect sense. All the things Iranians did in 1979 is what we celebrate our ancestors having done July 4th that we declare our independence from the Great Britain. If they were honest to picture what happened on November 4, then the American people would say, “Wow November the 4th, July the 4th, two dates the same thing happened, the Iranian people declared independent from America and Great Britain. The Jews who control the American media really cannot have this happen because they have bigger designs than simply some tiny slice of land on the eastern shores in Mediterranean Sea. The one thing standing on their way not to get their goals is Iran. Iran now is in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and these Zionists understand that if Iran is free to continue on with what she (Iran) is doing, soon it is conceivable that 1979 would be the year when Iran got independency from the US. When you are trying to harness the energies of the American people, in the form of their tax money, their political support, sending their young people for fighting and dying, how are you going to convince them to make sacrifice just like this. If they knew the fact, they won’t give you their money, their political support, they certainly won’t give you the blood of their children. So this is the reason why they don’t tell the truth to them.


As an American, how did you feel when the Iranian students captured the US embassy, and how do you feel when the Iranians chant the slogans of “Down with US”?

When I hear the chant, “Down with US”, I understand that it is no different than what the Americans said, “Down with Great Britain”. It is not that we hated the British people, but we hated the British system at that time. I do remember when the embassy was taken. I don’t say they were captured or were hostages, I say they were arrested because they were engaged in a criminal behavior. A hostage is an innocent person who is taking captive by kidnappers and this clearly was not what happened and American were engaging in criminal activities in Iran.

On that time, I was under the influence of mind altering substance known as ‘Americanism’. I thought that my country was the greatest thing in the world and they never do wrong, but now when I think about what the Iranians did on November 4, 1979, I think back to what the Americans did in July 4th 1776, when they declared their independence and freedom.

Mark Glenn is an American author and journalist in Idaho who has co-founded Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement. He regularly writes on different topics on The Ugly Truth.

By Mehr News Agency