Indian columnist: The West realizing importance of engaging Iran

New Delhi, Nov 5, IRNA – A senior Indian columnist believes that the US and its Western partners are now realizing the importance of the role Iran can play in resolving the crises in the Middle-East.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, John Dayal said: “It is patently clear that the US and its senior diplomatic partners from the west now realize that they have to engage Iran in a dialogue on all issues, and in particular the nuclear issue, whether it be for energy as Teheran has always maintained, or otherwise.”

“This dialogue has succeeded beyond measure, as is obvious in the accord on the nuclear issue. The west now realizes how important Iran is in the calculus of the Mid East, and not just because it is a Shia country with influence on the Shia communities, and politics, or Syria and Iraq.” He added.

Terming Iran’s response to the terrorist group of ISIS as the clearest, the seasoned analyst of the international affairs said: “On the issue of the ISIS, Teheran’s has been the clearest response so far. It was, therefore, inevitable to invite Iran to Vienna for the discussions concerning the threat in Syria.”

Elaborating on the ambiguity of the US stance of ISIS, John Dayal said: “It is interesting to note that the United States, specially, finds itself in a complex dilemma – it is opposed to the Syrian regime also has been assisting the dissidents and rebels. But it is also concerned at the speed with which the ISIS has raved this part of the Mid-East. Perhaps the Vienna talks will see a concerted effort to contain the menace.”

Terming the financial help of the Saudi regime as the main reason for the continuing brutal acts of ISIS in the occupied lands, he said: “There will be very few observers of the Mid-East scene who do not know that the Saudi regime, and certainly the Saudi Arabian money has directly or clandestinely upheld and strengthen groups such as the ISIS which would not have been able to sustain themselves militarily in the battle field without the constant and unbroken supply chain.”

“The Saudi regime has also, so far, not taken any leadership in either persuading the ISIS leadership to stop its brutal war on civilians and religious minorities, specially the Christians and ethnic groups, nor indeed has it shown any initiative in reducing the trauma of the refugees.” John Dayal added.

Rejecting any military solution to the Syrian crisis, John Dayal said: “Surely the West has seen the folly of encouraging rebels, if not arming and supporting them overtly or covertly, to foment regime change. Regime change strategies which toppled Saddam Husain and led to his execution, or the mess similarly made in Libya ought to be fresh in international memory as much as on Capitol Hill in the US.”

“The people of Syria have suffered much in the war in recent years. They deserve peace. And a peaceful stability can come not through armed conflict but by peaceful resolution through democratic means and processes. There is no alternative to freely held general elections.” He added.

On the impact of the Russian air attack on the ISIS, the distinguished columnist said: “The Russian initiative in conjunction with Iran has no doubt played a major role in helping the US and the West in general to take a decision to eliminate the ISIS with international collaboration.”