Government to support investment in Europe

TEHRAN, Nov. 03 (MNA) – Head of Iran’s Business Center in the European Union has announced government’s plan to support Iranian companies interested in operating in Europe urging Germans to invest in Iran.

Speaking at the business application conference with the attendance of Germany, Shahrokh Mirza Hosseini pointed to the willingness and capabilities of Iranian firms to participate in Europe’s market; “the Iranian government will support Iranian companies who are eager to take part in other countries or seek to concentrate on the European market leading to opportunities for successful trade with European countries,” he noted.

“Iran’s Business Center in the European Union has been put in charge of protecting Iranian companies interested in the European market and we make utmost effort to provide them with necessary support,” he added.

Mirza Hosseini further asserted that, “the culture of bilateral relations with Europe is emerging especially between Iranian and German companies marking a good opportunity due to Iran’s young and specialized market.”

“After the removal of sanctions, no obstacle will remain to the restoration of relations and the task of Iran’s Business Center is to boost ties between Europe and Iran,” said the official adding “Iran is looking for long-term cooperation under a win-win condition in its new relations with the world.”

Reminding that German companies have no background of risk or risk-taking in their relations with Iran, Mirza Hosseini stated, “we have gathered together to specifically identify what Germans are looking for in pursuing business cooperation with Iran.”

He urged Germans to convince their government to invest in various areas of Iran promising to help with export of Iranian products as well by establishing several offices in Europe in this regard.

Stressing that the government has assigned various tasks to Iran’s Business Center mining sector, the official concluded, “follow-up meetings between Iran and international companies will be held in future.”

By Mehr News Agency