Election Iran’s solution for Syrian crisis

TEHRAN, Nov. 03 (MNA) – Following the Sunday visit of diplomats with Iran’s Leader, Iran’s ambassador to Syria clarified Iran’s proposition for ending the crisis in Syria.

“We intend to facilitate the presence of Syrian nation in a national election in Syria to let them decide for their own country,” Mohammad Reza Raouf Sheybani, Iran’s Ambassador to Syria, told the national radio on Monday.

He rejected any decision for Syria to be made by foreigners as the first principle of Iran’s approach toward the crisis in Syria and described it a heretic innovation to ignore the will of a nation for its destiny.

The second principle, approved by Iran’s Leader, as Sheybani recounted is the cessation of all supports and funding of terrorists and extremists provided by countries sharing border with Syria and other regional and cross-regional states.

“The supports must be cut and a ceasefire should be established,” Iran’s ambassador to Damascus stressed on as the second step of Iran’ road map for ending the crisis in Arab nation.

Supposing the aforementioned points as preliminary steps to the third one, he affirmed that a free election would be the third step to conclude the mayhem in Syria.

By Mehr News Agency