Iran's Reshadat oil field

Phase 19 topside in place in 10 days

TEHRAN Nov. 02 (Shana) – A topside destined for Phase 19 of South Pars gas field in southern Iran has been lifted for delivery and will be installed in its designated spot in Persian Gulf waters within the next 10 days, operator of the phase said.
Masoud Jazayeri, an official at Iranian Offshore Engineering Company (IOOC), said construction of phase 19 platform is 95% complete and once finished and installed, will add 1bcf to the country’s daily gas output.
He said construction of the topside was finished on Sunday and it has left Khorramshahr Yard in southwestern Iran for delivery to its designated spot at phase 19.

The structure’s pre-startup and startup operations will take nearly 5 months which will close in if climatic conditions are ok for operating the topside, said the IOOC official.
Iran plans to start production of natural gas from the first train of phase 19 by the end of the current Iranian calendar year to March 20.

The 2,700-ton structure was built at Khorramshahr yard and took three years to complete.
Phase 19 platform will start production of 0.5bcf after its installation if finished.

The topside has been designed and constructed by Iran’s Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC) engineers.
Topsides are under construction for other phases of South Pars, the massive offshore gas field shared by Iran and Qatar.